Workshops, Courses and 1-2-1 Tutorials


Workshop - Photography Portfolio Preparation Workshop & 1-2-1 tutorial follow up

Summer workshop 26th and 28th June Two day Workshop & follow up tutorial (14 teaching hours). Prepare your Portfolio and learn with award-winning Morag Livingstone.


Photography Portfolio Creation Workshop - 6 weeks evening

Sept / Oct Evening Class: Create your photographic portfolio - in 6 weeks (18 hours). With expert guidance and encouragement - from award-winning Morag Livingstone focused on your work and development. The aim of this workshop is to create a photographic portfolio within 6 weeks.

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One-to-One tutorial - 2 hours

From anywhere in the world online or in person in Edinburgh, Scotland. Develop your portfolio - short factual film or photography with award-winning filmmaker, photographer and Best selling author: Morag Livingstone - lecturer and tutor for over 10 years at London University of the Arts, Photojournalism & Documentary