Let me help you!

When your head is swimming with ideas but you can’t see the wood for the trees on a factual film or investigative article or photojournalism piece then why not work with me to help you over those hurdles. We can meet over the internet and chat about:

  • Developing a hypothesis that you work to … we all need one to test if it is right or wrong - and to keep us objective.

  • Story structure - working on your edit and help transform it into a film / photojournalism story or written narrative that works!

  • Core narrative -  we know that when you create a investigative story you have lots of information let’s reshape it together so your audience will care as much as you do. 

  • Transcription - send me your transcript and I shall try to pick out the core story, give feedback and remove those pesky tangents

  • Working out the best way to make your film to tell the best story you can.

  • Freedom of Information - trying to get information from a public body in the UK - I can guide you through what I’ve learnt and the steps to take.

    I love helping people develop their ideas, and have been nominated for “best teacher” at London University of the Arts - not bad considering I only worked there half a day a week!

    Options are below to suit all budgets - in the long run my advice should save you time by getting to the important facts and a structure that works for you and your target audience. 

And don’t worry, I wont share or nick your ideas - too many of my own that have been and besides, I couldnt be an investigative journalist if I couldnt keep a secret! Our chats will all be in the strictest confidence and on receipt of payment I shall send you a confidentiality agreement as extra protection. It’s your idea, I’m just here to help you bring it to the next level.

For availability - please contact enquiries@livingstone-media.com and we shall get right back to you!


Where to look … when you’re starting out:

If you’re just getting started, or are part way through your research - if your anything like me, or others I know - you’ll have a number of ideas battling against each other.

What to research first? How do I make a Freedom of Information request? What is my hypothesis? Why is it important? How can I make others see it is important too?

We can chat about whatever you want in relation to the investigation and I will do what I can to help you - as a minimum I will suggest next steps and how to orgainse your research while you make your work - so that when you get to that final fact check the evidence is easy to find.

We’ll have a 60-minute Skype call together - to help get you over the hurdles you are facing - it will save a whole lot of time and pain later - I promise!

I like to think of this as gathering the materials to build a strong foundation.

£80 (incl VAT) per 60mins.


What’s the story, morning glory?

You’ve done the research, or a good part of it and O.M.G. you actually have do something with it … not least because it is an important story, but “getting it out there” will reassure your friends and family that you haven’t just been sitting around wasting time, and money … I know it is often easier to do a bit more research (or clear the attic, wash the dishes) and a bit more digging than present your fully formed story (your baby) to the world …

We can chat about this too …

We can also chat about how best to tell the story - is it a film, a book, a blog or an article, a series or 1500 words, interactive or straight.

Well all that depends on the story and when you walk me through it then with 13 years of experience in helping MA and BA students - I can help you decide what’s best too …

I want to help you to do all you can to get your audience to care as much as you do - how to present the story in the best way you can; to identify what is missing (if anything) - to help you to the next stage of actually getting it ready to publish. Whether you then push the button is up to you!

After our chat, I will pull together what we disucssed and a few other thoughts - based on what you need and send it over to you. I like to think of this as building a strong foundation and starting to build the house.

£240 (incl VAT).


Let’s tell the tale … hands on

Need a bit more hands on input? The edit is driving you up the wall? Cant seem to make the story flow? Too much information or almost there but not quite. I can help by reviewing the draft edit and coming up with some suggestions that will help.

We will have an initial chat so I know what you are trying to achieve - then you can send me your work, and I will go through it. I will then work on it as an editor, making suggestions - I move it around (track changes if a written document); or help you edit your photojournalism story to tell the story; or if a film - review and amend your rough cut on PremierPro and send that version back to you (with notes of what I’ve done) so you can check them over, decide it you like them and then edit the master file.

I see this as you’ve built the house and I am helping you refine it - the snag list or the moving the furniture around to make the best of everything you have.

These are my day rates and if you want the hands on support - we can agree how many days or half day you need.

Day Rate £480 (incl VAT)